Should I app for Chase Ritz card?

QuestionsShould I app for Chase Ritz card?
asked 3 years ago

With the current bonus the Ritz card looks very pleasing.  I’ve never stayed at a Ritz but I do stay at Marriott often, and with the current 5k spend bonus of 3 nights at a Tier 4 property such as the one on Maui, I want to make this happen since we are going to Hawaii next spring.  I believe I’ll use alot of the cards features.  I’m scared of being declined though.


My Fico scores scores are EX 725 EQ727 TU 754, AAOA is 3 years, Utilization is 22% and PIF on every card I have.  (Other then the Blispay of course).  I opened a CSP in March 16, a Chase FU/Ink Plus in April of 16, and a Ink Cash in June of 16.  I believe Chase likes me because in the past month I’ve received an auto CLI on my FU and Ink Plus and have put almost 100k through all the cards combined and PIF. I did however have to recon denials on both the Ink cards and FU but have shown enough responsible use that they auto CLI those ones.  On top of those 4 chase cards in the past 6 months I also got approved for the Amex BCE and Capital One QS both of which I received CLI in the past month as well.  


Do you guys think I would get approved for the Ritz card?  

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