Short history, should I get more cards?

QuestionsShort history, should I get more cards?
Kristan MacKillop asked 5 years ago

So I’m 19 and a college student so my credit is pretty young. I have 2 student loans that report that began 11 months ago but im not sure how thats factoring in to my AAoA.


My cards:

Capital One Secured $ 200 CL (Opened 3/2016)

Discover IT for Students $ 500 CL (Opened 5/2016)

Amazon Store Card $ 1,600 SL to $ 5K CL (Opened Last Month)

Walmart Store Card $ 1,200 SL to $ 5K CL (Opened This Month)

AMEX Blue Cash Everyday $ 500 SL (Just approved last week, on its way)


FICO Scores:

TU Fico 08 687 with 11 inquires

EX Fico 08 714 with 3 inquires

EQ FAKE 690 with 1 inquiry


Ive gotten no late payments or collects or anything. Everything is clean. 1-5% utilization usually reports and I PIF.


How am I doing? I’m thinking of what to do next. Any cards I should go for? Chase denied me for FU because of my young credit age (recon?). I was thinking of applying for PenFed because its one HP for 90 days and they pull EQ which I have only one inquiry on. Should I go for Citi?


Also, I’ve tried every website prequal and I’ve gotten no offers. When will those start coming?

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