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asked 4 years ago

Hi everyone! 


I am trying to rebuild my credit so that in a few years my husband and I might be able to look at getting a house. I have applied for a Capital One Platinum Mastercard that they sent me a pre-approval for, they requested proof of income, I mailed it to them and am now waiting on their decision. Hoepfully will know about that sometime this week. 


Other than that, I have no accounts in my name except our Consumer’s Energy bill and that doesn’t seem to report anywhere. I have accounts in collection that I am working on paying off and I pay off debt collectors that call before they report now (wish I had done that sooner….>.<) but I am trying to find additional ways to rebuild my credit and found the shopping cart trick online. Can anyone give me any information about this? I’ve gotten the pop up using my husband’s info but never with my own and I’m just wondering if I am even likely to get a card with how low my score is (TU 570 EQ 577 EX 566). I have tried several different stores so I’m not particular. Is it best to be a guest or make an account or…? And any other tips on getting my credit cleaned up?

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