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Vilma Waid asked 6 years ago

i got a question for you all as I am kinda worried about something that popped up today.

I went under contract on 6/5 with a close date of 7/10. Everything has been going pretty smooth. All documents have been submitted, title came back clear, inspection came back pretty well only a couple minor problems. Overall a pretty smooth process this far.

Anyways today my insurance agent calls and says we have a problem. Apparently there is an open water damage claim on the property and he can’t bind insurance because of it. He also said there was a $ 15,000 water damage claim in 2012 that was paid out. Now I know the water heater/plumbing was all replaced in 2012 so one can assume that is from their claim whatever it may be. When I called my RE agent about he obviously had no idea about it nor did the listing agent. The only thing in the sellers disclosure was the fact that the plumbing and water heater were replaced in 2012. There was nothing regarding water damage let alone once in 2012 and again in Feb. 2015. 

Should I be worried? It seems to me as if they might be trying to hide something. Or is this normal and I’m just overreacting? I’m not sure what to do. FYI the inspection didn’t mention anything about any water damage.

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