Seller now wants lien to pay closing?

QuestionsSeller now wants lien to pay closing?
Crystal Winslow asked 6 years ago

I apologize if this is in the wrong place.  I’ve been in the home buying process for a couple months now and these forums have been so informational.  Now, I’m having problems and I need advice.  


I’m going to skip through my whole lender-is-a-curse problems and fast forward right to closing, which is where I’m at now.  If any previous information is needed, please ask.  I’m buying a house for $ 85k and the sellers and I have signed multiple paperwork stating they will pay closing costs up to $ 4500.  Great!  We get the clear to close and we all agree that Friday at 4 pm works for everyone involved!  Awesome!  It is now Thursday night and I received a phone call from my realtor saying that we cannot close on Friday because the current homeowners no longer want to pay closing costs and instead want to put a lien on the house for the $ 4500 so that I pay instead.  




Am I missing something?  Is there some key piece of information that someone did not give me?  I left my lender a message to call me in the morning but from what I read, this is going to completely screw everything up, and aside from that, this was not agreed upon!  Is there anyone who has any inkling of an idea of what could possibly be happening to me right now?

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