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Bernie Plunkett asked 5 years ago

Seeking Forum Advice on these badies and rebuilding credit. Status below:


                                                    EQ                                                TU                                                EX

                                                    575                                               574                                               569

Payment History                  Fair                                               Fair                                              Fair

Debt amount                         Good                                          Good                                          Good

Length of credit history     Exceptional                              Exceptional                              Exceptional

New credit                              Exceptional                              Exceptional                              Exceptional


Not sure the best way of getting these removed either by paying or asking the CB since some are old and may be part of the SOL (not sure how this works but I am a Florida resident if that helps). Def have the funds to pay off if necessary.


Revolving       Verizon                            $ 166        In house collection                      Last Activity 2/2013              EQ &TU only

Collection       MP Hospital Medical     $ 151        Financial credit servi                  DoFD 8/20/10                        EQ only

Collection       MP Hospital Medical     $ 303        Caprio Partners                           Date assigned 6/29/15        TU & EX

Collection       Doctor Medical                $ 36          IC System Inc.                             Date assigned: 6/13/20       EX only

Collection       Radiology Medical          $ 65          Concentric RM                           DoFD 5/2011                         EQ & TU


Also, have 3 Navient student loans (was a co-signor) that I just settled for 45%. Orginal loan amount 38K, settled for $ 17,100. They were 120+ days delinquent but not defaulted.


Would appreciate your help in getting the collections taken off and also input on how to rebuild by adding some secured cards. Luckily I am a member of both NFCU and USAA so I should be able to get the secured cards. I also have some funds in savings with WellsFargo. Should I try to get all three secured cards or just one or two? Also, what card limit amount should I secure? 


Many thanks in advance!

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