Secured Vs. Unsecured?

QuestionsSecured Vs. Unsecured?
asked 4 years ago

Heyy guys,


Quick question.


I do not have the best credit:

EQ – 469 1/18/15
EQ – 536 9/30/15

TU – 487 1/18/15
TU – 528 9/27/15

EX – 476 1/18/15
EX – 503 10/1/15


And I am looking into getting a new CC. Either the Wells Fargo Secured Card or OpenSky.


Wells Fargo shows up as unsecured on a credit core and the opposite for OpenSky.


I currently only have one other card that’s fully in my name. So, which would be better for me and rebuilding my credit?



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