Secured Citi card to Unsecured..

QuestionsSecured Citi card to Unsecured..
asked 5 years ago

Two days ago I received an alert stating CBNA placed a hard credit inquery onto my credit profile. I realized oh,my secured card is coming up to its maturity date of 18 monthes.

After paying on time,sometimes multiple times per month I have finally reached a goal of getting aN unsecured card. However,capital one has already given me a quicksilver with a 2500 limit,and a 300 dollar raise to my partial secured card for free.

Anyways, my main question is this; According to Citi, my money will be refunded,and an unsecured card will be mailed to me. I wasn’t told which card I would be getting,but I was told that after receiving an unsecured card from citi,I can then apply for a “card upgrade” without a hard inquery.

Just wondering what I am going to get for my first unsecured card,I’m really excited,it will probably come with a 500 dollar limit too lol :smileyhappy:

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