Secured Card closure effects?

QuestionsSecured Card closure effects?
Jared Keck asked 6 years ago

I have had first progress secured card for 8 months with a limit of $ 850 never really touching the 30% I must admit it has served its purpose. As many of you know accounts like these have to be closed eventually especially since it is $ 850 of cash tied up with no hopes of it evolving or benefiting. My balance on it right now is 249.00 and I would like to know if it was to get closed what would be the effects if I left that 249.00 balance and recieve the check for the difference is this adised. Its to the point where using online bill pay is not worth it anymore as that is the only way to pay the bill and that 575.00 can go towards something else. I can pay macys AE Walmart Amazon and half of my fingerhut to get my utilization to approx 10%. 

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