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Cliff Spears asked 6 years ago

So I know this is probably a broad question but was trying to find some feedback on the scoring changes to the positive side when using your credit cards to try and bump up that FICO score. Typically what have you guys experienced as score increases by using your cards and what are your normal ebs and flows, do you PIF every month, save a little balance, do you use every card in your portfolio or do you just rotate a couple???? Obviously we all have different CL’s and utilizations but based on your util what kind of increases do you see?


I apologize up front if this has been covered or if this is in the wrong location. I took a break and just recently came back to the boards for some information covering different topics. I am currently trying to hit a target of 820, sitting at about 770 right now. Just added a new AMEX card to my stable and it will be heavily used and PIF every month until I get my sign on bonus and that great 3xCLI, hopefully lol.


I guess I’m trying to figure out what kind of sweet spot people see as a guide in increasing their scores. I’m not looking to do this overnight because based on my experiences my scores have gradually increased over the long term.


I’m in the garden for a while probably because I’m not looking to add a bunch of new cards or even loans.


Cards are all paid off and typically I PIF.


Thx for feedback




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