Santander Repossession collection account advice

QuestionsSantander Repossession collection account advice
asked 3 years ago

Long story short, I have one bad account left on my credit report: A repossession from 2012 from Santander.  I am looking for any advice on how to proceed with this one.  I have a balance of $ 4k with Santander.  Never paid them the balance.  Last year: was served by Resurgence Capital (lawyer/debt collector) and before I was taken to court, I arraigned for a payment plan.  I have been paying them monthly since.  Santander is the only company showing on my credit reports (not resurgence).  So my question is: How would you proceed in trying to resolve this?  Keep making payments?  I could settle in full with Santander but I heard they do not pay for delete and won’t work with you.  The account will be removed: 6/2019 but I would like to try and buy a house in the next year.  Or do I just leave it on there?  Thanks so much!!

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