Sample Letter to remove Unauthorized Inquiry w/ Police Report Reference

QuestionsSample Letter to remove Unauthorized Inquiry w/ Police Report Reference
asked 2 years ago

I had someone that tried to take out a loan under my SS and had several hard inquiries. I contacted our police department and filed an identity theft and was given a report number. Once I received my report number I sent all the lenders that pulled my report to remove their inquiries. I read this one from here as well but I edited some wordings.


I hope this helps anyone else that is looking for similar template:




Lender’s Name

FAX: Their Fax Number or Email Number

Re: Credit Department, Dispute Hard Inquiry


To Whom It May Concern:


I have noticed that you have placed an inquiry on my ___(CRA)____ credit file dated ____(DATE pulled)___. As you probably know, Credit Reporting Agencies treat inquiries as a statement of fact and will not allow a consumer to dispute them. Since it is against federal law (Fair Credit Reporting Act—15 USC § 1681n(a)(1)(B) for an entity to view a customer’s credit report without a “permissible purpose,” I am writing to inquire as to your alleged purpose for doing so since I did not apply or request credit from your organization.


Based on the evidence in my possession, this inquiry was performed under false pretenses as described in the clear language of the law. 15 USC § 1681n(a)(1)(B) states, in part, “in the case of liability of a natural person for obtaining a consumer report under false pretenses or knowingly without a permissible purpose, actual damages sustained by the consumer as a result of the failure or $ 1,000, whichever is greater.


I have filed a police report ____(police department)____ on ___(date filed)___ with a report number# ___(report number)___ for identity theft. This is informing you that this was a fraudulent application and I did not authorize your company to pull my report. I do hope that we can settle this matter amicably. Please remove this hard inquiry from my credit report upon receipt of this letter to avoid further damage to my credit. Your immediate attention is appreciated in regards to this matter.


Please contact me if you have any questions.




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Phone Number


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