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asked 5 years ago

Hey Guys. So I’m on this journey to make it into the 800+ club and I belive this is going to be a major road block in my journey. Any suggestions/thoughts are much welcomed.


So years ago when I was trying to make something of myself, I took a loan through Sallie Mae to go back to school. Being young and dumb, I fell behind on payments and then got to the point where I couldn’t pay anything on it. I believe it was charged off and closed. Below are the details I’m pulling from CCT. Will this ever fall off? What can I do?


Transunion –

– Installment Loan

– 199 Months

– Date Opened: 10/09/2001

– Status – Closed

– Payment Status – Paid

– Payment Details: Paid or paying as agreed

– Status Updated: 01/31/2007


Equifax (showing the same information as Transunion)


Experian –

– Installment Loan

– 199 Months

– Date Opened: 10/01/2001

– Status Closed

– Payment Status: Unknown

– Payment Details: Account Transfered to another office

– Status Updated: 02/01/2007


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