Sallie Mae – Close, PC, or SD?

QuestionsSallie Mae – Close, PC, or SD?
Frank Settle asked 4 years ago

So with the recent and soon to be death of Sallie Mae I wanted to see what other users plan to do with their Sallie Mae cards. Are you guys going to Close, PC, or SD the card?


My card has a 13.4K limit so I don’t think closing it will be beneficial as it can greatly affect my utilization. I may either keep the Commence card or try to PC it to something more useful. The problem is Barclays cards are not that appealing. I’ve got the new Amazon, Citi Costco and Amex BCE to fill in the gaps/voids from the death of Sallie.


What are your guys’ plans with this card? What have you gotten to substitute the rewards? 

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