Round 2: FIGHT!

QuestionsRound 2: FIGHT!
Karine Lukis asked 6 years ago

Cheers everybody hopefully your having a good week and so on, here’s the gist.


October is here and I’m still checking CreditKarma every week or so and still see an update of $ 0 instead of the collection being gone. I believed waiting out patiently was better than to scream at anyone to remove the account from my profile but still there it sat. Today is past the 60 day threshold and TSI still remains on my CreditKarma account, Hmmm? Okay So I’ll dispute I believed that was a viable option. Off to Equifax I go! 


Checking, Checking, Credit Management Services holds my collection account from Enterprise, What happened to TSI which even Enterprise said held my account?…..My fist delinquency was 12/2014 ?……I had the rental in December there was nothing due……Credit Management Services and Transworld INC acquired my account 05-2015?…..


*To refresh-This collection was a mistake by an impatient district manager who should’ve held my insurance responsible but had a quota to fill. I was told the collection was a mistake on their part and they talked to the collection agency and it would be removed from my file. 


What do I say in my dispute to get this removed?



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