Ritz Card: “Your card is so heavy!” – What to reply with?! Lol

QuestionsRitz Card: “Your card is so heavy!” – What to reply with?! Lol
dramvishyrafo asked 6 years ago

So, I just received my Chase Ritz METAL card in the mail after having the temporary plastic one. WOW – what an impressive card!


I’ve already used it 3 times today, and 3/3, the cashier has made a comment about the weight and generally something along the lines of “Wow, is this some special card?”.

I usually just say “It’s a metal card offered by Chase in partnership with Ritz – I use it for hotel points”.


What do you guys usually say when someone has a comment about the card?

How Credit Cards Are Made

Renato Laporte replied 6 years ago

I don’t know, but I don’t get all those “security” measures for a credit

I mean, until the account is not activated a CC is nothing more than a
worthless plastic card.

And if someone wants to clone a CC, they don’t need to use any of those
security measures, the only thing they need is a blank card about the same
size and the magnetic strip, because no ATM checks the logos of the
card…. Actually, you just need the card number and control number.

That’s why in my country (The Netherlands) we moved on from the magnetic
strip to a system where you use the chip or NFC in combination with a pin
code, every time…

I was like WTF when I saw that in Germany, they still accept CC payments
that only uses signature (no pin code or id card check). 

sickhcivc replied 6 years ago

“How debt is made” should be the name of this video

Ann.Har replied 6 years ago

how many perfumes had she bought?! (the only thing that bothers me)

unknown6656 replied 6 years ago

just asking – is this btw a german video, but re-edited and re-synced with
the english voice (i mean there are things like “deutsche bank”,
“karstadt”, “max mustermann”)?


Fifo Folter replied 6 years ago


maninthecab replied 6 years ago

Someone please tell this clown that you have a pin , NOT a pin number .

1prpoo replied 6 years ago

Slovakia 🙂 country where i live 🙂 :3 

Marz Milli replied 6 years ago

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what replied 6 years ago

But criminal are more smart

The Awesome Minecrafters replied 6 years ago

i think….. but i dont know if you split a credit card in the right angle
you have the same amount of money in both halfs i dont know i just guessed
that so i just thought maybe that could work idk

Cardback replied 6 years ago

Do you know how credit cards are made?

John Kell replied 6 years ago

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promoting rippers themselfs … fuckers they got me for 500$ in total … hate
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Picobyte replied 6 years ago

Credit cards still suck.Never used one as in one with a loan on it and
never trusted that old system,modern bank cards are a improvement but still
you have to almost be a engineer to see if the ATM you are using is hacked
for trusting the system.Those criminals are pretty clever,they build in
their own chip and keypad readers at night in supermarket card readers,and
they make sure the CCTV does not watch them doing it.(that’s the cleverest

MJ replied 6 years ago

go there get a job there for two weeks & come out & take your dick & fuk
the world! lol

The Takeshi replied 6 years ago

oh .. slovakia? that shocked me but makes me happy 🙂 my country ^_^

shadows0ul3 replied 6 years ago

Doublethink about this process. Forging cards is bad. It’s okay for the
banks to forge and chip cards.

Morahman7vnNo2 replied 6 years ago

We’ve come a long way since the days of Diner’s Club.

Len replied 6 years ago

Hope it breaks down so that Credit Cards will be gone.

Michael Chan replied 6 years ago

The U.K. narrator makes everything better.

esther Stephen replied 6 years ago
ReshFish replied 6 years ago

lol Deutsche bank

Elias Claveria replied 6 years ago

i want a cash machine in my palace. ) :

Minedude craftguy replied 6 years ago

Whait i still have a question what is the diference between a debit and a
credit card ( the video kind of confuse me ) 

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