Ritz C. Infinite SCL Question….

QuestionsRitz C. Infinite SCL Question….
asked 4 years ago

Does the Infinite version of the Ritz card have a DEFINITE minimum approval starting CL of $ 10000? I have a transmission replacement coming up in the next few months that’s going to run between $ 3500 and $ 4000–and I was thinking of app-ing for this card to pay for it and get the 2 free nights–even though I’m not at all crazy about that $ 450 AF. Citi Prestige might give me too low of a SL and my mechanic doesn’t take AMEX so the Platinum card is also out.  However. If I’m going to pay all that for a transmission–I might as well get some kind of a bonus out of it–right?? Smiley Very Happy

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