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QuestionsResurgence Legal Summons/Garnishment
Audra Marcantel asked 4 years ago

I’m looking for some answers on the best course of action by some of the pros here. 


Today I received a summons/wage deduction from Resurgence Legal Group for a debt I owe from sometime around 2012. Back in 2012 I was garnished for two years with a balance of $ 2300~ owed and in that time I paid $ 1400~. Today the form I have shows my new balance still owed is $ 2000~ because of fees and interest, Now what i’m wondering is it is best to just let this go to court and let them garnish or should I call tomorrow and see if they will let me settle outside of court or is a payment plan possible?


Is there any chance at settling at a lesser amount or is it going to be set in stone at the $ 2000~ they are setting?

Also I should note i’m not really sure who the original creditor is for this debt. I have a court date at the end of January and would just like some opinions.


I am trying to minimze damage to my credit so i’m open to all ideas.

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