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Jurgen Innes asked 5 years ago

So we have lived in our new home for almost 7 months now, and we are in the market to upgrade to a bigger home. Smiley Happy We are expanding our family Smiley Happy  We are hoping to get some advice here.


We will likely to get an extra 30k for the house we have bought and closed in July 2015.  We are very lucky.  We are eyeing this new house that is currently priced around 460k.  We are hoping to put 10% down (46k).  We will be selling our current house.


Our principal left on our current mortgage is $ 390k. 


Can anyone give us some insights on how much should we bring to the table?  We are hoping to use the same lender.


This is exciting and we are hoping to learn from fellow bloggers as well. Thanks in advance!

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