Requesting prior home inspection reports

QuestionsRequesting prior home inspection reports
asked 3 years ago

I have read mixed reviews on this, I’m considering making an offer on a house that has been on the market for about 60 days and during that time it had two pending offers but has ended up back on the market. I would like to see the prior inspection reports before even making an offer.


Here are some assumptions I’m making:

– The asking price is fairly consistent with area comps so I don’t believe the prior offers fell through due to appraisals being too low

– Prior offers could have fallen through because buyer couldn’t secure a mortgage, lost his job, etc

– Prior offers fell through because something significant was revealed during house inspection


The last assumption makes me want to look at prior inspection reports so that I don’t make an offer and waste money on an inspection that will likely reveal findings that have been previously identified and reported. 

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