Requesting Credit Limit increase on Capital One Secured?

QuestionsRequesting Credit Limit increase on Capital One Secured?
asked 3 years ago

Someone had recently replied to me, and stated that after 6months of having the card, it would unsecure and I would get the auto $ 300 increse; well I have already got the auto increase of $ 300.


Since they said it would have unsecured, I went ahead and pressed the credit limit increase button, it had me put in my income, rent payment, total credit card spend monthly. (I put in $ 400, as my monthly spend on cards; have no clue how that will affect anything.)


It said I would get a response within 2-3days in electronic documents.(Last time a few months ago when I requested an increase it noted that, customers could not request an increase on secured products; however if it is now unsecured I assume I could request an increase)


I didn’t think the capital one card unseured, and it was also my understanding that customers could not initiate increase on the secured card products.


Any info would be appreciated thanks everyone

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