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asked 3 years ago

So back with a previous bank I used to bank with, I had opted out of over drafting and yet the still continued to let things get approved when they shouldn’t have. I had tried to work with them on it and they did nothing to help, we’ll skim ahead a couple years later and they charged it off, but still owned the debt and never sold it. I decided to file a CFPB complaint last month and finally heard back from them. Theyou of course are acting like they did nothing wrong I their response, but this is what they put at the end.

“As a courtesy to Mr.XXX, the bank has now refunded the fees that were charged. The bank is working on updating Mr.XxXs credit and chexsyst email as paid in full”

So it seems as they are clearing the debt which is a sigh of relief but it doesn’t seem like they are going to remove the charge off based off their respouse. Do you think there’s a chance that they will totally remove it? Any other next steps here? Thank you!

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