Removing Yourself As Authorized User. Good Idea?

QuestionsRemoving Yourself As Authorized User. Good Idea?
Charity Sherlock asked 6 years ago

I’m planning on removing my self as an authorized user from my dad’s accounts.

He opened credit cards before and added me as an AU to those accounts because I was just starting to build credit but that was 3 years ago.

I ended up being the only user of those accounts though i’m not the primary holder.

Now I have cards that are named after myself alone.


My question is will it be a good idea to remove myself as an authorized user?

How will it impact my credit score?


I’m an authorized user in the following accounts:

Citi Thank You Preferred – $ 2,000 CLI (current balance is around $ 200)

Barclaycard Apple Rewards Visa – $ 2,900 (current balance is $ 1,300)




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