Removing Co-signer from Penfed Credit Card?

QuestionsRemoving Co-signer from Penfed Credit Card?
Kristofer Aguilera asked 5 years ago

So when applied for the Platinum rewards back in 2013, i was instantly denied, for short credit history (like 8 months). They provided a Co-signer form that they needed notarized, and my mother agreed to help me, and i was approved for 20k limit! (i dont know why). Well now im thinking about trying to remove her as my co-signer and taking full responsabily for the credit card, since i dont really feel is fully my credit card (it is but you know). I have called Penfed 2 times, and they dont know how or simply dont understand, and no info on the web.


So do anyone have any experience with this? Should I just leave the account be, since it dont affect me or my mother? 

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