Removed 20+ negatives now what?!?!

QuestionsRemoved 20+ negatives now what?!?!
asked 5 years ago

Hi to all! Ay help with my husband’s situation would be helpful! I probably did wrong by him when I used the shopping cart trick to help get him some positive trade lines, but what’s done is done!  A little insight to what I have accomplished for him since about February this year:


He started out with below 500 points across all 3 CRA’s.


I have not signed up for MF reports yet, so I am unsure what the real scores are.  I used Identity Guard for a free trial and those are the scores I have. 

TU – 657

EQ – 553

EX – 632



February 2016                                                                                           


TU – 21 collections 1 CO                                                                    

EQ – 26 collections 1 CO                                                                   

EX – 22 collections 1 CO                                                                    


December 2016


TU, EX and EQ


1 medical collection $ 1,200 

DOFD 8/2010        


1 CO $ 360 –

DOFD 10/2010          


Going to ask for deletions in April



February 2016



No positive reporting tradelines


December 2016


Suncoast Secured        

CL $ 500        

$ 0 balance        

Opened 2/2016


New York & Co          

CL $ 250        

$ 0 balance        

Opened 8/2016



CL $ 250        

$ 0 balance        

Opened 8/2016


Suncoast LOC            

CL $ 1000      

$ 0 balance          

Opened 8/2016


Navy Federal              

CL $ 2,300    

$ 200 balance    

 Opened 9/2016                            



Inquiries at this point

TU – 2 (NFCU pulled twice when became member)

EQ – 1

EX – 8 This was due to a local pull happy credit union


AAOA is 4 months Smiley Sad I feel this is the part that stinks, but I could be wrong, hence why I am asking for help! 


I want to get him into PenFed, but am unsure if he could make the cut. He is also planning on pulling the trigger for a CLI with NFCU in January after his 3rd statement cut and hopefully his 2nd AR. 



If I am missing anything please ask, as this is my first time posting specifics! A tremondous thank you in advance! 

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