Remove main user, make authorized user as main? Is that even possible? Chase Slate

QuestionsRemove main user, make authorized user as main? Is that even possible? Chase Slate
asked 3 years ago

So… I started on my credit card cleanup so I was wondering if what I’m talking about is even a possibility. Back when I was in college, I opened by first card with my mom… Chase Slate. Since I had no history at all, my mom had to open the card in her name and add me as an authorized user I believe? They took care of the card till I graduated, after graduation I got my own alumni card that was easier to attain and started building credit with it. I stopped using the chase card, paid down whatever I had and it’s just been sitting unused for couple of years now. (don’t think I even have an un-expired version of it anymore lol) Now, last week I applied for CapOne QS and Citi DC… approved for both 10k/3k limits…


I’ve spoken to my mom multiple times about the old card, it’s not particularly useful. $ 1.5k limit on it, basically makes it useless and no rewards that I’m aware of BUT it does show up on my credit history so it’s nice to have to increase my avg acct age since it’s by far my oldest card… So what we wanted to do was remove her from the accound as she just doesn’t care about having it (I believe she’s listed as the main person on it) and move me from authorized user (if I am) so I can take care of it and manage it. (maybe upgrade it to some other card through Chase)


I’m still confused about all of this so I was wondering:

1) Is this even possible?

2) If it is, will it result in a HP for me? I just had 2 last week, and I don’t wanna deal with another HP if I don’t have to

3) If it’s possible and I won’t need a HP, how would the upgrade process go? Will I need to do a HP for that or can I ask them to convert without? I have extensive/good checking history with Chase so I don’t know if that will have any impact on it?


Thanks for your help!

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