Relationship between Citi and Visa

QuestionsRelationship between Citi and Visa
David Sauer asked 5 years ago

To my understanding, Citi currently does not offer Visa cards apart from the two Hilton-branded rewards cards. The popular cards, e.g. ThankYou Premier card and the Double Cash card, are all issued in MasterCard. However, I have heard rumors that their Visa counterparts do exist out there in the wild. Does Citi offer these cards in Visa secretly?


Meanwhile, in light of the new Citi-Visa-Costco partnership that is going into effect in June, is there a possibility that we might see more Citi cards that bear the Visa signature in the future?


P.S. I am not trying to discriminate MasterCard, but I would like to see more Visa cards in Citi’s credit card portfolio.

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