Received “Fraud” application from lawyer.

QuestionsReceived “Fraud” application from lawyer.
casetides asked 6 years ago

Update.  Last summer I received a letter from a lawyer stating they were collecting a debt on a credit card for Asset Acceptance I sent a DV letter, then a few months later received a responce including the name of the bank they were collectiong for and a copy of a statement. BUT the copy of the statement they included was from Soverign Bank, not Bank Of America. I checked my CR’s and never have had a Soverign account, but I do have a Bank Of America Debt listed on my CR’s.  Are they one in the same?


I sent them a certified letter stating that the information they have is wrong and why are they collecting a debt from one bank and including a statement from another.  


I receievd a reply letter in the mail this weekend from they lawyers office stating “We have noted your file of the fact that you do not recognize the account placed with our firm for collection. As a result you believe that it may be the result of identity theft and or some type of fraud. To assist please flll out the affidavid and any supporting documents that you may have ie, police reports, credit bureau disputes, etc.”


They included “ID THEFT” paperwork to fill out with my name etc, with any law enforcment actions etc.


Bank Of America
Orig amount $ 2,291
Past Due: $ 2,693
Asset Acceptance Corp
Date Opened:11/28/2011
Last Payment Made: 08/08/2009
Date of First Delinquency: 06/2009 – 07/2009


What should I do? I am stumped. 

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