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asked 3 years ago

I was in a bad accident and started to rebuild in 4/13. I did use Lexington Law, which really helped a lot.
I got 5 secured cards.
USAA Amex Secured $ 5,000
USAA Amex Sexured $ 5,000
USAA MasterCard Secured $ 5,000
USAA VISA Secured $ 5,000
First Liberty Bank Secured $ 5,000 (local bank)

After about 15 months, I applied for the following, (don’t recall the starting limits)
Amazon Store Rewards
JC Penny

About a year ago I went after prime unsecured, list is below,
Discover IT (started at $ 4,500, now at $ 6,500)
Americns Express Plantnum
American Express Gold rewards Rewards
Wells Fargo Cash Back $ 3,000 (no CLI APPROVED)
Chase Amazon ViSA $ 4,500 (in on CLI, Approved for $ 15k)
Black World Elite ($ 12,300)
Macy’s $ 5,800
Home Depot $ 5,000
Affinity Federal Credit Union (opened at $ 1,000 increased to $ 7,500)

I have a few others, but listed the big ones, my scores are all a little above 700. I never carry a balance, I have $ 103,200 of available credit. I’m going to lay off App for a whil, I got a couple declines because to many Inquires.

I charge about $ 10,000 on average per month. Mostly Discover (for the 5% cash back categories and double for the first year)

One question thou, Do banks look at all the Apps in 2 years, or so they look at the last 6 months, 12 months or a different time frame?

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