Rebuilt credit best way to start (car loan & CC)

QuestionsRebuilt credit best way to start (car loan & CC)
asked 4 years ago

Hello all,


I’m in a situation where I started really paying attention to my credit and started to rebuild it ,thanks to these forums!  Right now my FICO 8 scores range from eq-635,TU-655,EX-660. My 04 scores are 660-698  I just paid down a card where I’m an AU on my wife’s card which will drop the utilization for both TU and EX.  That card does not report to EQ and right now so the the score simulator says the only way I can raise my score is to open up new CC’s and that actually goes for all 3 reports.


All of my baddies dropped off save for some judgements from my country club and HOA back in 2009/10 which are all paid.  I have a car loan and mortgage but everything else is all AU CC’s. Both of these are in good shape and helping my score.


The question is I’m getting ready to by a new car which is in production now and scheduled for delivery first week of January.  My auto scores are higher 660-700 (The 700 is EX) so I’m good with that and plan on using BMWFS for financing.  They use Experian exclusively but I also need to open a few cards too.


I wanted to get some input on how to execute from an inquiry point of view.  Should I freeze all of my reports besides Experian since that’s what BMWFS uses just to make sure I don’t get any unwanted inquiries on the others while buying the car?  Should I close on the auto loan first then apply for cards on the same day or apply for cards first then close the auto loan?  I’m assuming an inquiry will drop my score’s a few points and that’s my concern I’m right on the cut line to get the best rates from BMWFS. I have 0 inquiries on all 3 reports right now…


Any input would be great! Sorry for the novel!

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