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asked 4 years ago


I have had litle to no credit for the past several years. Anything I had on my reports had dropped off. A paid mortage, and 2 paid car loans. 


In June I bought a new car which proved difficult Smiley Happy So Since then I have been slowly trying to build a positive credit history.


I have a secured Capital One – $ 250 A Secured USAA AmEx $ 300 Discover IT secured $ 200


I recently was hopefully not too stupid and did the SCT with Eddie Bauer $ 250 Victoria Secret $ 500 Loft $ 300 and NY&Co $ 300


I am using the secured cards every month and paying almost the balance in full, leaving $ 30-$ 40 on each.


I used the EB, Loft and NY&Co when approved for a small purchase. 


Currently I am at Equifax 596 TU 604 and Experian 597


In November Eq was 531 TU 547 Ex 550


I am going to buy a new home this year (I hope) what else can I do to get my score up in the 700s??  I know all the standard  make all payments on time etc. But is there anything I am missing to help things along quicker??





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