Rebuilding plan – adjustment needed, credit card suggestions needed

QuestionsRebuilding plan – adjustment needed, credit card suggestions needed
asked 3 years ago

So at this stage of my rebuilding plan I should be applying for a Cap 1 QS1. I checked the cap 1 pre-qual site and found that I was pre qualified to get a QS1 yayyy! But not so fast. Cap 1 made some recent changes and one is that you cannot apply for multiple cards with them within a 6 month period. My app was denied due to this reason but I did not receive a HP (cap 1 also sent me an email saying this would be the case). 


I need a 3rd builder card so I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions. FYI I bank with Navy Federal Credit Union and have a secured nrewards card that is on it’s second billing cycle. I’ve probably run $ 1500 through it in the past 2 months and have kept util reporting below 25%.


I have zero baddies on EF and EX..TU has two baddies with one set to fall off next month. 

Thanks guys



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