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asked 2 years ago

I started my journey to rebuilding credit about 2 months ago and so far Im making progress. Initially all 3 of the bureaus had me at about a 550 score. I had some late payments and items in collections and hospital bills I neglected to pay. I got the collections account deleted and the same for he medical bill. I tried sending out a goodwill letter for the late payments but the creditors said they don’t adjust reports unless it was inaccurate. So basically I have 1 secured credit card with no lates with a $ 50 balance and $ 500 credit limit. 4 student loan accounts that all come from 1 loan that’s has a $ 12,800 balance that I had a late payment on in February but it’s been on time since. I have a loan with conns for $ 1,700 with no lates that I’ve had for about 7 months now. And my last account is a vehicle loan with the last late being January of this year, the balance on it is $ 13,800, I’ve had this loan for 4 years now and I’m expecting to pay it off in December of next year. I’m unable and scared to get new credit cards because the last time I inquired about 3 weeks ago it dropped my score 19 points. I make about $ 70,000 a year by myself and I’m looking into trying to get a mortgage. My current MyFico scores from the app are, Transunion: 648, Equifax: 630, Experian: 642. I really don’t have anything bad on my report besides late payments I can’t do anything about and inquiries. Tried getting a credit card and was denied. I’m not sure what I can do anymore to get it raised besides just paying everything monthly. 


Edit: Just to add that when I last inquired for a credit card I settled on a previous credit card with usaa but they only subtracted the settled amount from the amount owed. I disputed it and today they updated those accounts with a $ 0 balance, maybe this was why I kept getting denied. It had a $ 2000 limit with $ 1300 used. But now the account is closed with a balance of $ 0

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