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Lyda Cantwell asked 4 years ago

So for the past couple months I have been doing some research and checking through websites for credit scores. While going through my reports, my transunion and equfiax I saw that I had 3 accounts in collection. Two of them were from when i was in college and one for a comcast bill from years back, (im only 23). So these accounts are 3 years old, I’ve been cleaning up my act and trying to establish some great credit. Up until recently I’ve never put much attention to my credit. I didnt even know what it was at the time. Up until 6 months ago, i found out through some free websites that it was 512. I know its horrible bare with me. I’ve been able to remove all three accounts off my report succesffuly. Which was a huge relief at the time, I was also able to open up a secured cc through capital one. Not knowing much about how this credit score works, I came to find out that most of these “free websites” only give you an estimate of what your score could be. So a friend of mine recommended me to fico where I could get my actual scores. But.. come to find out after purchasing the 3B report and scores. I was hit with the ” we were unable to provide you with your scores”. My question is, has this happned because of the age of my credit? I’ve only opened one line and its only about 3 months old as of right now. I have no accounts for collection anymore, and only 5 inquries as of 1/12/017. I’m trying to build a great credit score/report. for my future. Any tip, reccomendations and answers would be greatly appreciated, thanks!Smiley Happy

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