Rebuild–Year Two

QuestionsRebuild–Year Two
Felipa Means asked 5 years ago

Last year was all about starting over. Having charge offs drop, getting inaccurate stuff removed, paying collections and signing up for secured cards. I was able to go from living with relatives and in extended-stay hotels to getting a nice apartment. 


Now this year it’s more of a transition–I just closed one of three secured cards, send a request in writing to close the other (the only way they’ll close it). Among the three cards I got to replace the secured cards is my very first Visa Signature card. It’s not so much the extra benefits of a signature card, but rather the milestone it represents. I got three new cards this month, giving me six credit cards, one store card and a car loan. I’m keeping one of the secured cards for now because there’s a chance it might graduate. If it doesn’t soon, I’ll close it because it offers no rewards, cash back or travel benefits. 


Now it’s off to the garden to help allow my score to rise back over 700. That was a great milestone, getting all three scores over 700, but now after these inquiries and new accounts, I’ll have to buiid those scores back up.



Good luck to everyone in 2016. These boards and the knowledge/experience you can tap into are, with no exaggeration, life changing.


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