Rebuild success!!

QuestionsRebuild success!!
asked 4 years ago



Haven’t been on here a lot.  However, I have been having success fixing my wifes credit.  I was able to get the following collections removed.  I spoke of Mid Land in the past but since then I have removed LVNV and Allied Collections.  Her score shot up to a 715 approx.  Was able to get her a Discover Card also.  I just got a USAA Discharge off of my Trans Union report and my score shot back up to 720 approx.  The discharge hasn’t even been on there a whole year.  Still working on Experian and Equifax but I am confident I will get it removed from them also.


What I have learned is that you have to be persistant., especially with the collection agency.  I did not just dispute items on the credit file, I went after the collection agencies.  Right now I am working on my dad’s credit to remove 3 collections from his file.  I know in a couple of days if I had any luck with them. 

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