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So, I’ve been rebuilding since 2014. Had tons of medical collections. Called each CA and offered PFD. Most were accepted. Disputed accounts I knew weren’t mine and had them deleted. Here’s where my hard work has finally paid off.

Started with a 21% auto loan in July 2014. Because we were upside down on our loan, a refi was out of the question. We traded it in for a newer car. That loan was approved for 11.8%. Not the best but it was evident that we were finally moving in the right direction with our credit. Fast forward to last week, we successfully got a refi at 3.04%. That is definitely exciting for us, especially since we’ve already paid more in interest to Ally than we will for the life of the new loan.


Early in the rebuild (sept. ’14) I got a secured Cap One ($ 200 deposit) and Fingerhut fresh start. Paid FH off in 2 months and graduated to their regular credit account. Started low but when I closed it, my CL was sitting at $ 1,500. Closed the secured Cap One when it was 6 months old, after receiving a $ 300 unsecured CLI. It had done its job because I had unsecured cards by then.

I have made the mistake of applying for too many cards, and as a result I had no CLs over 4 digit limits:

USAA Classic Platinum ($ 1,000), Discover ($ 1,300), Cap One QS ($ 1,800), Cap One QS ($ 1,500), Walmart ($ 5,000), Amazon ($ 3,500), Best Buy Visa ($ 1,000), Kay’s ($ 3,000)


In the last week (in frustration for not getting larger than $ 500 CLIs. I know. I know…) I applied for 2 cards and was approved.


USAA Preferred cash rewards VISA  SL $ 2,000

Barclay Jet Blue $ 11,000 SL




MY FIRST 5 DIGIT LIMIT! I am just super excited lol

Now officially going to garden until 2018


TU – 722 FICO 8 – no baddies, perfect payment history

EX – 685 FICO 8 – 1 collection, no lates or PRs

EQ – 671 FICO 8 – 3 collections, no lates or PRs


All unpaid collections are updating monthly because I’m currently paying them. Not seeing any scores lowering significantly, even with the updates.


Edited to add pic

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