Questions about rebuilding and what/how accounts are reported

QuestionsQuestions about rebuilding and what/how accounts are reported
asked 3 years ago

Hello myFICO community,


I filed Chapter 7 December 20, 2017 and was discharged March 26, 2018. I had an excellent bankruptcy attorney, and after discharge I had very little to clean up reporting wise. Several accounts fell off on their own, including ALL collection accounts. I have read posts of individuals having all of their IIB accounts fall off after discharge, while others report varying levels of success and/or luck with IIB accounts falling off on their own. I understand this is a YMMV type of thing.


I am fortunate in that prior to filing, all of my accounts fell behind at the same time (Nov-Dec 2016 due to simultanious job loss and divorce) so the estimated date of removal for all of my IIB accounts should be around October 2023, and the Chapter 7 itself will fall off around 2028, so around the end of 2023 I’ll have a clean report, except for the bankruptcy public record, for around 5 years until the bankruptcy public record falls off.


All of my IIB accounts have several 30, 60, 90, 120 days lates and charge off’s leading up to the bankruptcy. What is the best way to address these accounts? Since the OC stands to gain nothing from me, does it even make any sense to try to goodwill the lates or the accounts themselves, should I dispute hoping for a complete deletion, or am I just stuck until these age off? Also, is the fact that the lates and charge offs are showing in the payment history hurting my scores in addition to the bankruptcy, or do they not matter now because the bankruptcy is the most serious issue reporting? Also, will the score impact lessen over time until they age off, or will they keep my scores suppressed up until they age off?


The accounts in question are Cap One 360 auto loan, 2 bank loans, 2 credit union credit cards, Kohls/Cap One, Macy’s/Dsnb, and Target/TD Bank. I have some older auto loans and bank loans that were paid off prior to my filing, and they are showing as positive accounts, and since discharge I have obtained a self lender loan, a Cap One Platinum, and a Discover, so I’m building positive history post discharge. I would just like suggestions on how to mitigate the negatives showing.


Currect Fico 8 scores

Equifax – 579

Experian – 543

Transunion – 590





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