Question on recently obtained Higher Credit Limits

QuestionsQuestion on recently obtained Higher Credit Limits
Lyda Cantwell asked 4 years ago

Hello all and thank you in advance for all information on this forum.


I recently entered the garden. Before I did that, I got approved for 14k on  a CSR and increased my credit limit across 4 other cars for a total of an additional $ 24,000 in credit.


I’ve tried to do my own research on having a lot of available credit, but saw no down side other than possible mortgages not approving someone for having too much available credit at ones disposal (I won’t be buying a house in the near future).


I can only see my credit score going up by ensuring that my CC utilization will remain low at all times. I’m really only going to be using 2-3 cards from chase to reap in the UR points.


Did I make a bad move by getting all this credit even though I won’t be using it?

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