Question about some Collections

QuestionsQuestion about some Collections
asked 5 years ago

Hello again.  It’s been awhile since I came on here.  Was just going to ask some questions and get some input from some of you all because I was helped so much last time and have changed many things.


I stopped using Lexington Law Firm after discovering the board.  I was able to do three times as much work as they did and didn’t have to pay anyone so that was a win.


My goal is to get a home within the next 7-8 months.  My credit score went from a 505-515 1 1/2 years ago to currently a 600.  It was at a 630 but I purchased a new car a few months ago and my score dropped like a rock.  I opened up two credit cards, have my bills in order and have consistently paid everything on time with no late fees or anything with my current bills.


Anyways, my current situation is this…..I have 5 small student loans, two car reposessions, two medical bills, and a $ 400 loan from a finance company.  All 5 of the student loans fall off this summer, one of the car reposessions fall of in December of this year, and the two medical bills fall off in October.  As you can see, a lot of this stuff is aged debt because of my stupidity of being young.  The only other things on my credit will be the other car reposession and the $ 400 finance loan.  The car repossession is only about $ 300.  Both of these fall off late next year but report every single month.  I’ve heard yes and no about both sides.  Some people say don’t contact if it’s that close to falling off and others say given the low amounts, it would be better if I tried for a PTD.  I just want to continue to increase my score. Also, I notice my score increases very little and it’s due to all of those above accounts reporting every month.  With that many things reporting negative each month, when they do actually age off my credit report, can I expect to see a significant increase in my score immediately? Or because of the age, they won’t be that much of a factor. 


Thanks everyone!  I absolutely love this board. You guys have taught me more than any class I’ve taken or person I’ve talked too.  I really appreciate it!



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