Question about signing the back of cards.

QuestionsQuestion about signing the back of cards.
Emilie Hornsby asked 5 years ago

so, this has always been a source of conflicting information and I’ve always been completely lost as to why credit card companies have a signature plate on the back of cards.


I know the CCC’s have always said sign your card immediately upon reciept and this has never made sense to me.


I never sign them.  I remember about 20yrs ago it would be a huge source of argument at vendors.  I would have vendors tell me the card was not valid without a signature and they would not accept it.


I would insist that I do not sign cards for the express intent that they should be asking me for my I.D. with my card and that will verify my likeness and my signature on the I.D. should match what I sign in front of them on the reciept.


I’ve always held the belief that if you sign it you just made it easy for someone to forge your signature since they now know just how it should look. 


I think this conflict is really a mute point in today’s world as no one pays attention to any of it….what’s on the card or what I sign.  I let my kids sign most of my receipts.


But I remember when I was younger you could fight a transaction with the CCC and show them that your signature was not accurate and they would dismiss it.


Anyway…any thoughts?


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