Question about Jefferson Capital co

QuestionsQuestion about Jefferson Capital co
Chas Arellano asked 5 years ago

Hello! I was hoping someone would provide some advice. I have a legit charge off from Jefferson capital that is pif and closed. I tried a gw letter and not only did they deny they sent me the letter 3 times for my one request. Lol anyway, I was looking back on the letter I got from them to confirm I paid the account in full and at the bottom of the letter it states “due to the age of your debt, we cannot sue you for this debt nor can we report it to the credit bureaus”. Do I have a leg to stand on if I file a dispute? I know going back to them probably won’t help. Any advice? It clearly states in the letter they aren’t reporting this debt to the bureaus. It is not an old debt though just as an FYI. Thanks in advance!!

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