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QuestionsQuestion About Collections Reporting
Maisie Buckmaster asked 6 years ago

I have an outstanding medical debt that I want to settle. I have made a few attempts to settle it, however have been getting the run around. I called the OC and was given a number to a CA. Kept getting bounced around by the CA and was eventually given another number which I later discovered was a law firm. The debt has not yet shown on my CRs, despite it being handled by a lawyer now.


My question is, do they have to inform me by mail that they are going to report it to the credit bureaus, before doing so? I did get a reques from payment from a CA quite some time ago, but have since received no communication from them or any from this law firm. DOes the lawyer or anyone else, still have to inform me that they will report it, before they do? 


I’m asking because I don’t want to pay and have the payment cross with a surprise hit to my CRs.

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