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asked 4 years ago

My wife has a very old account from Benecial with last payment of 01/2009.

In December 2012 she was sued and judgment received for nearly $ 8k in 1/2013.


The statue of limitations was 4 years from date of last payment in Texas… which is obviously why she was sued in the final 30 days of that window.


So, the good news is the Midland Funding shows it is falling off experian in October (the collection, not the judgment) and I could probably cal and have it removed from TransUnion now… but at the absolute latest the 7 year mark is this upcoming January.


So.. my question is this… I’m assuming since Midland got a judgment (which shows as a public record) is not something that we can have removed any sooner than the 10 year mark it shows. All reports are showing it wont be removed until 2020. Public records aren’t subject to the same 7 year removal time frame I presume.


I’m also just curious if its okay to have both the collection and the public record at the same time.. seems like that is a double wammy?

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