Proper way to use Credit Cards to ensure maximum score boost while repairing credit?

QuestionsProper way to use Credit Cards to ensure maximum score boost while repairing credit?
asked 4 years ago

My FICO scores are currently 609/601/608 and I have been reading tons of threads here on how to improve my credit score (hoping to buy a house in a few months).  I currently have the following established credit cards (at the suggestion of members here, I have paid them all down to 0 except for one which is at 10% utilization):


– Capital One ($ 75 Balance / $ 750 Limit)

– Contiental Finance ($ 0 Balance / $ 750 Limit)

– Kay Jewelers Credit Card ($ 0 Balance / $ 1000 Limit)

– Tires Plus Credit Card ($ 0 Balance / $ 1200 Limit)


My main thing holding me back is that each of my cards have pretty low limits.  After reading some threads here, I have obtained a new Wells Fargo Secured Credit Card ($ 2,000 limit).  I should receive this card in the next couple weeks.


My question: Going forward, do I keep my 0 Balance cards at 0 and not use them at all and just use the new Secured Credit Card and pay it off immediately each month?  If so, is there an ideal amount I should be charging on it each month?  I have read conflicting things suggesting I should charge X% of the total limit and then pay it off each month…that if I only charge a small amount each month, I wouldn’t see much change reflected in my credit score.


Or do I use each card for a small amount each month (rather than just 1 card) and then pay it off immediately each month?  I want to make sure I am doing everything I can with my revolving credit to translate into as many points as possible.


TLDR – Is it better to only use 1 card and pay it off each month or use all my cards in small amounts and pay them all off each month?

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