Proof read this Judgement settlement offer before I send it?

QuestionsProof read this Judgement settlement offer before I send it?
asked 2 years ago

Hey guys. First time sending any type of official letter to this manitude and was looking for some advice as to whether or not this would be alright or get me in even deeper.

Theres a judgement on me from 2013 for a bank account that overdrafted. Now I checked with the court and it doesn’t have my SSN or DOB so I assume it would be pretty easy to get taken off my report due to the whole July 1st thing with judgements. However this one is unsatisfied and even though it’ll come off my report I’m sure they would still be able to put a lien on any thing significant that I buy in the future, correct? So I’m thinking its probably best to deal with it now. As such I’ve drafted this letter and was wondering if its safe to send and how exactly should I send this to them? 

Thanks a lot in advance!



Date: 7/5/2017



(Lawfirm name

and contact info) 


RE: (Their Client name vs my name)


To Whom It May Concern:

Hello, I am contacting you regarding a Judgement I have been informed of via Credit Karma Monitoring Service. I have tried to contact you via Phone at the number on your website but no one has returned my calls. I contacted the (My County) Courthouse and they gave me this information:


Judgment Number: 000000000

Your Offices Filing Number: 00000000

Debt Amount: $ 3979.56

Original Creditor: (Name of Bank)

Judgement Filing Date: 00/00/2013


Back then in 2013 I was 19 and living with my grandparents who were struggling to keep their house over our head so I tried to start a business to help out but at the time I was just too young and desperate and didn’t know how hard it was to start my own business plus afford all of the hidden expenses. The business endeavor quickly failed and expenses over-drafted my bank account and even though I wanted nothing but to be successful and be able to pay it to bring my bank account back into good standing, I honestly just didn’t have any money to do so and I’m assuming this Judgement that I’m finding out about now is a result of that.

While I am willing to work something out. I unfortunately honestly don’t have nearly $ 4,000 on hand or any assets worth any significant amount of money. I spoke with my grandparents about it and they offered to lend me a little bit of money, even though they still aren’t doing too well they know why this happened and are willing to give me all that they can.


I’m willing to offer a 25% ($ 995) One Time Payment as payment in full of this debt in exchange for release (Satisfaction) of said judgement. If you/your client wishes to accept please respond with an Agreement To Release said judgement upon receipt of One time ($ 995) Payment within 7 days of receiving this letter.





(Name and contact info)

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