Progress with 7 months in rebuild

QuestionsProgress with 7 months in rebuild
asked 3 years ago

So like everyone else I had some hard times several years ago. When i started in October 2017 my scores were as follows:
Tu 649
Eq 602
Ex 602

As of May 2018

Tu 680
Eq 667
Ex 643

My scores dipped a little this past month because my utilization went up a little bit. I still have a cap1 card with 74% and discover at 54% uti which I just paid down under 30%. The rest are under 20%. So I think once I bring cap1 below 30% and use azeo i should be close to 700.

I will post more detail info on exactly how my report look looks with my next fico update at the end of the month.

I still have a hand full of lates reporting on a few accounts and two charge offs to get get removed. I just found out about the saturation method so I’m going to give that a shot this month as well. The charge offs are getting close to the 6 year mark so there is light at the end of the tunnel. I’m really hoping to hit a 740 by the end of year. I know it seems like a stretch but I think it’s possible.

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