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asked 3 years ago

So my fianc√© and I have been rebuilding and repairing since we got laughed out of every dealership in town in Feb of this year after trying to get a car financed . The only thing they would even offer was sub prime crazy 25 percent interest . We walked and decieded then and there we would get copies of our reports and find out exactly what is what and why we were denied , well I knew my issues which were my student loans being in default and I have been in rehab and only have two payments left yay.. but I also had about 7 collections , disputed some bc they truly were not accurate so now I’m left with 2 on EQ and 3 on the other 2 CRAs , anyways my Fiance’s reports were much harder to even optain and we had no clue why , he had a slight idea that his mom had opened some accounts in his name for cell phones and cable and crap like that but he wasn’t aware how bad it was , we couldn’t even get copies of his CRs bc they couldn’t verify his ID so we went around with them for over a mth sent in ID’S and all that and they finally just now in May let him have access to his reports , on a another note we kept getting deniel letters from the car financing places that some would say that his bday and ssn didn’t match what the CRA had on file , anyways so we knew something about his identity was off on them . So we finally got access to his reports and my goodness what a COMPLETE MESS THEY WERE!! His bday was wrong , they had the wrong SSN on him , addresses he never lived but his mom did , so he knew it was all her doings, now we get to the collections part he had 10 collections plus 2 charge offs on every report in which only 2 of the debts were truly his . So immediately I disputed with all three CRAs and TU came back that all the accounts were deleted besides the two that are infact his , EX came back this morning with the same results so bow we are waiting on EQ to get done . It is such a relief that these collections were deleted bc we didn’t have tje money to pay all them off esp being he didn’t do it . Amd a BIG THANKS FOR ALL THE HELP FOR EVERYONE HERE!

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