Process of removing a judgement….

QuestionsProcess of removing a judgement….
asked 4 years ago

Hello all.


I’ve been a lurker and i want to thank everyone on this forum for the abundance of information reguarding credit , personal finanace etc.


I’m in the process of rebuilding my personal credit. I have 2 judgements with defualt convictions currently on my personal credit. I recieved notice ut never responded. I was just ignoring them, regretfully.


1 Is in New York City dated August 5th 2009. 


The other is In New Jersey March 13th 2013.


I need to get these judugements removed and out of my life. 


I am prepared to pay these in full to get them removed or deleted. I’ve gathered that my first course of action should be to contact the CA to a PFD? 


Thank you in advance. 

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