Prime/Best Cash Back Cards For Those With Good Credit

QuestionsPrime/Best Cash Back Cards For Those With Good Credit
asked 3 years ago

I have good credit with no baddies; My TU is 749. I have a BOA cash rewards visa with 9500 credit limit, a Target Red Card with 500 limit, Comenity store card with $ 1500 and Chase Slate 4500. I believe my BOA card is over 3 years old. 


My current BOA gives me 3% back on gas and 2% on groceries. 


I want a new cash rewards card but with better rewards but preferably from another prime lender like BOA. 


From what I researched Chase Freedom is good but they aren’t considered like a “premium” card. The categories do seem to suit my spending though. 


Discover is not an option, their categories don’t suit me. They have home improvement stores as a category and I have no need for that. 


Another option is US Bank Cash Plus Signature (they offer 5% categories to select from) but they don’t have a category for groceries. If I picked them I would probably pick cell phones (my bill is around $ 100 a month)  and maybe the gym category ($ 45). 


Sallie Mae mastercard seems ok but there’s no 5% cashback for groceries as far as I could tell. 


Ebates Visa does appeal to me as well since I do shop online a lot and always use Ebates.. They give you an extra 3% off. 


Amex Cash Preferred is no good because I only spend $ 200 on groceries a month and their regular Blue Cash card offers basically the same rewards as my BOA, just 1% better on groceries.. not worth it. 


I spend my money mainly on food, gas, online shopping, bills etc. Restaurants just once in a while but more of the Chipotle, Waba Grill, Poke bar kind (fancy fast food). Not the fancy real sit down restaurant kind. 


What are other premium cash back cards are out there with 5%’ish rewards? I am interested in the best card I can get including maybe Visa Signature? What other prime cash rewards cards am I missing? Thanks 






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